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A recent group photo at a training course for veterinarians and vet technicians here in Burundi. I discuss in French with some Kirundi and have also a Kirundi translator to help with technical aspects ... Blog entries throughout this site are about Africa, as well as about the Middle East and life in general - reflecting over 35 years of work and research in Africa and the Middle East – Come and join me!

ROMARCH: American Journal of Archaeology Open Access (July 2014)

Originally posted on [quem dixere chaos]:
American Journal of Archaeology Open Access July 2014 Below is a list of freely available content published in tandem with the July 2014 issue (vol. 118 no. 3): Supplementary Content ( accompanying “Cult, Continuity, and Social…

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School Begins – here in Burundi, as it did in the Ancient Middle East

Yesterday school began throughout the country; many bright and shiny faces trooping of to their respective schools. In the ancient Near East, too, school was an important avenue to achieve money and, perhaps,  fame.  Below are a few items from … Continue reading

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An Ancient Egyptian Tale – The Eloquent Peasant – الفلاح الفصيح

The tale of The Eloquent Peasant comes down to us from ancient Egypt  by way of four different and incomplete documents – manuscript as well as ostrica.  It is a lovely poem, written in classical Middle Egyptian, composed around 2100 BC . … Continue reading

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The Dry Season in Burundi – Time to Celebrate! III of III (Urban Elite Marriages)

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Revised 25 July 2014 Weddings for the wealthy (or aspiring wealthy) here in Burundi can be extremely elaborate.  If at all possible, the family will rent…

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Botanical – Brews

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Exemplary type: f. 13r. Musaceae root-mnemonic ‘Brews’ f13r VG enlargement Having concluded that the group of plants shown on f.13r came from the Musaceae  –  and thus agreeing (as I learned months later) with Edith Sherwood,…

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Provisioning Rome with Grain – And the Workers must eat, Too!

Rachel Laudan has put up a most interesting blog on food production and distribution in ancient times, focusing on the problems of provisioning Rome; she says > Provisioning Rome, one of the world’s largest cities, if not the largest with … Continue reading

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Six things about Sekhemka

Originally posted on Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper:
1. It’s beautiful The best analysis of the statue is by TGH James. An Egyptologist at the British Museum, he described it in full, for the first time, in 1963, after someone had…

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