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Botanical – Brews

Originally posted on voynichimagery:
Exemplary type: f. 13r. Musaceae root-mnemonic ‘Brews’ f13r VG enlargement Having concluded that the group of plants shown on f.13r came from the Musaceae  –  and thus agreeing (as I learned months later) with Edith Sherwood,…

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What the well-dressed fieldworker is wearing this summer (i)

Matthew Timothy Bradley is posting a series of blog on field-garb, which is both very useful for those in or going to the field and is also very amusing.  Some good analysis from, of course, a field anthropologist.  Here are a … Continue reading

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Power, partnership and participation: Nile Basin Development Challenge in summary

Originally posted on ILRI Clippings:
Farmers getting trained on forage management at Kolugelan, Jeldu (Photo credit: ILRI / Aberra Adie) The Nile Basin Development Challenge (NBDC) was one of six challenges comprising the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food…

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The Rarely Seen Birds of Egypt, by Ahmed Waheed

See on – Africa and Beyond Ahmed Waheed started bird-watching when he was seven years old. He would travel with his father, who was the manager of the Zaranik Protectorate in North Sinai. The protectorate covers 250 square kilometers, and … Continue reading

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Renoir, French Colonialism, and Surrealist Paris in Black and White (1927)

  A short film directed by Renoir in the late twenties, right after he had discovered jazz, Sur un air de Charleston is a little masterpiece, albeit unknown, of the silent movie period.   In 2028 Paris, a mysterious African explorer lands … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies: Carol of the Goat Bells

Karin Christensen is the author of this hilarious rendition of a carol, which brings in all major goat breeds to sing a chorus: Also don’t miss Karin’s wonderful teaching aids, for both kids and adults, on  ‘The Biology of the … Continue reading

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‘The Sheepfold & the Common’ – & Other Colonial Ventures

In 1861 Timothy East published a book with the above title, from which I excerpt the following picture and accompanying text.  Think about the meanings lying behind the benevolent Christian actions that he describes – .a holiday evening replete with … Continue reading

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