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The Rarely Seen Birds of Egypt, by Ahmed Waheed

See on – Africa and Beyond Ahmed Waheed started bird-watching when he was seven years old. He would travel with his father, who was the manager of the Zaranik Protectorate in North Sinai. The protectorate covers 250 square kilometers, and … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies – On Friday!!

Have a wonderful weekend – we are, here by the Lake!!

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Friday Funnies

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Post-War Peace on the Shores of Lake Tanganyika: Riding High!

Civil war officially ended in Burundi in 2006.  For several years thereafter, there have been sporadic fights and attacks, but these, too, have dwindled to almost ‘zero’. What changes has a blanket of peace brought?  This blog concentrates on post-war activities on the … Continue reading

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More Pig and Pork Stories

[First posted July 2009,  Revised 09 December 2011] Pigs have had a contentious history.  To begin with, they usually reside near the bottom of the livestock prestige pyramid, with cattle, horse and camel occupying the higher niches, sheep, goats and poultry found … Continue reading

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Colonial Musings on Mount Cameroon: Out with the Plantains! In with the Coffee & Sugar!

Colonial world views were, on the whole, extraordinary.  Explorers and missionaries marched out to record, save and reorder the world according to notions of Progress that placed Europeans at the apogee of Civilization (self-defined) – and ‘Everyone Else’ pretty far … Continue reading

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Cuisines and Crops of Africa, 19th Century – The Limits of Pastoralism as a Lifestyle

  [First posted  24 Oct 2009  Revised 04 November 2011] With the Horn of Africa so much in the news now, I am updating and reposting several links that focus on limited resources in the area. Summary: The importance of the relationship … Continue reading

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