BBQ’d Pig Every Sunday – by Lake Tanganyika

Pigs here in Burundi aren’t all that big – or as heavily ‘fatted up’ as in the Northern Hemisphere.  But they’re pretty robust critters and make for excellent eating.  Just about every Sunday one is BBQ’d at the Hotel Club du Lac:

Pig-grilling on the beach of Lake Tanganyika

Pig-grilling on the beach of Lake Tanganyika

Although Northern Hemisphere breeds were brought into the country during the Belgian colonial period, there has probably been crossbreeding with indigenous (wild) pig populations in Central Africa.  That, in addition to more spartan lifestyles of livestock in the tropics, translates into a leaner animal:

Grilled pig a few weeks ago

Grilled pig a few weeks ago

Removing the central woonden skewer

Removing the central wooden skewer

Rustic presentations at the buffer:

Three cooks & a pig

Three cooks & a pig

In a pig's eye

In a pig's eye

Staff from the Chinese Embassy and their friends usually come for the Sunday Buffet, and enjoy very much the large hunks of fresh pig:

Chinese Embassy staff & guests

Chinese Embassy staff & guests enjoy freshly BBQ'd pork

Tomorrow I plan to write a few remarks about pigs in Egypt (ancient and modern) and in Europe (medieval).

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