Reading Books in Burundi

Over the past several weeks I have been busy unpacking and sorting through a mountain of boxes that have been in storage for a number of years.  Of course, the cats have enjoyed this very much.  Most fun and interesting have been the boxes of photos, CDs and books.  I forgot I had so many books in storage – all but about 50 were gifted.

The following photo shows where they’re now residing until more bookcases can be built.  The books are doubled up on each shelf, so between 300-400 books.

Books, unpacked

This is a real mish-mash of books, many have been given to me by folks coming here for short tours, and then leaving – and leaving their books here.  So it’s an interesting cross-section of what english speakers go overseas with.  Heavy on the mysteries and thrillers – also, interestingly, romance novels, biographies, and autobiographies.

Most (except the romances) I’ve already read, and so now I’mgoing back to those I enjoyed most, and re-reading them.

So I thought I’d do some entries on those I’ve found most interesting, and some not so interesting – beginning with the next (or so) blog entry.


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4 Responses to Reading Books in Burundi

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  2. maria says:

    i know the feeling exactly – i am trying to get rid of some of those books, because it isnt feasible any longer to keep them, plus i am buying new ones that i want to keep…


  3. maria says:

    if there has ever been something that i have missed so much, it is to be able to go to a public library and pick up a book – anythign that takes my fancy, from the clasics to the newest publication – and return the following week to find another one

    i gave away so many books before i left NZ – in the beginning, i thought i was just getting rid of something tangible but not very valuable; i am now wondering whether i left behind a world that was closely connected to me which i cannot replace with anything here

    we have a couple of second hand bookshops in hania, where we can find English books, but everything else i have to buy, save a few that some friends have given me – it is simply not the same to pick up a Greek book and to read a Greek book in the same way as English literature, no matter how good my Greek is


    • dianabuja says:

      Maria – i know what you mean. The problem with books, of course, is tht they are so heavy to move – and somehow my Kindle isn-t quite the same as a ‘real’ book!

      With luck over the past several years, friends leaving Burundi have left me their little libraries. Even if not what I’d normally read, it is so nice just having the books!


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