Traditionally Smoked African Meat

Smoking of meat throughout Sub-Saharan Africa is both easy as well as low input. Furthermore, it acts to substantially tenderize the cuts.  Even today, refrigeration is a luxury to all but the rich and so in tropical climates smoking will act as a preservative.

Recently, Chef Richard smoked a couple of hunks of unmarbled beef from an indigenous (Ankole) cow in the traditional manner.  It’s so easy – just suspend the cuts about 3 feet over/in  the smoke (i.e., above the heat)!  In this case, it was the charcoal grill, which runs almost 24 hours a day.  Low input, because the wood or charcoal used for cooking also provides the smoke for smoking.

Turning the smoking meat

Every few hours, turn the meat chunks a little bit.  Then, about 10 days later, it was ready to serve:  That’s all!

Khadija cutting smoked beef, Sunday Buffet

This system is particularly suitable for meat in Sub-Saharan Africa, because most is not marbled – whether indigenous goat, cattle, or sheep – or game meat.  Fish, too, can be smoked in this way.


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