New Housemates along Lake Tanganyika – Sequel

Lots of changes in housemates since I wrote this blog. Here’s what’s been happening:

Hi! I'm Petit Boy-Boy!

But first, rat/mouse has disappeared!  Perhaps it was a plot on the part of the cats…

Cats united... Source: Dahl

But probably, it was Bebe who caught it, and so Bebe has gone back to the goat farm to enjoy lemon grass and other catty things:

Ah, Summer!

So how about the kittens?  Here they are, in all of their cuteness and naughtiness; they have all been named after elderly cats that died over the past year:

Being cute

Being naughty - knocking over my stacks of magazines being sorted

Sleeping off a big feed

Lu-Lu holds down Boy-Boy

Binty finds some milk left

MAW, the mom, has also gone back to the goat farm with just one of the kittens.

The large cane toad seems to have disappeared, at least he is no longer to be heard at night throughout the house.  Perhaps he was chased away by the kittens.

As well, the tortoise  seems to be gone, but I suspect he tunnelled under the bamboo fence and is out and about on the other side.  If he is caught by someone, he is likely to be used both in soup and also as a mask:

Sulcata Tortoise

Brochette has had her pups, whom we’re thinking of calling ‘Brochette Boeuf’ (etc)…

Brochette with her little brochettes

Hamdy the Belgian Shepard is of course a proud pop:

Hamdy being proud (he recently had a fight with another of our dogs, hence battle scar)


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6 Responses to New Housemates along Lake Tanganyika – Sequel

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  3. Karen Resta says:

    They are wonderful, Diana! What an amazing bundle of new children joining the family – you are very lucky!! Give each of them a kiss from me. 🙂


  4. Melly says:


    I just love your animals…and I have a particular soft spot for Hamdy!




    • dianabuja says:

      Thanks, Melly – Hamdy is great – he comes from a Belgian who raises Belgian shepards in the Congo. Great guard dog.


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