New Housemates along Lake Tanganyika – Update

Just the last few days since this blog, some new creature  events:

This  morning, in opening the door to the yard, there sat one of the smaller toads waiting to come in!  The kittens were, of course, delighted so it was difficult to get reasonable pictures:

About 5" long

This little fellow was hopping very fast, and succeeded in outrunning the kittens

We’ve not seen the really big frog, who will hopefully come back.  He’s about the size of a small chicken.  This is a great site on the care and feeding of the kind of frog that we have: Frog Forum.  It is amazing the list of little animals that these fellows eat, which is on this site.

Yesterday Egide, who works for me, thinks he found the cave made by the tortoise – we’re leaving it to see if he comes up at some  point.  Otherwise, he’s tunneled to the other side and if captured by other folks, may be made into a mask, like this one being worn as a joke by one of our staff:

Deo, during staff Christmas Party


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With a group of BaTwa (pygmy) women potters, with whom we've worked to enhance production and sales of their wonderful pots - fantastic for cooking and serving. To see the 2 blogs on this work enter 'batwa pots' into the search engine located just above this picture. Blog entries throughout this site are about Africa, as well as about the Middle East and life in general - reflecting over 35 years of work and research in Africa and the Middle East – Come and join me!
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