How to render Animal Fat among the Obbo, Northern Uganda

Fat was such an important part of the diet in much of sub-Saharan Africa that the rendering of meat to obtain the best fat was critical.  Whether animal or vegetable, fat was a multipurpose ingredient, used not only in cooking, but also in dressing the hair and on the body.

A former blog describes rendering animal fat in Eastern Sudan to make soap among the Bedouin, and here Sir Baker describes a similar method used in northern Uganda /southern Sudan by the Obbo, for use in cooking:

Food preparation among the Obbo. Source: Heroes of Africa (Speke)

Baker, Sir Samuel – The Albert N’Yanza, Great Basin of the Nile And Explorations of the Nile Sources.  1865.

Having killed a fat ox, the men are busily engaged in boiling down the fat. Care should be taken to sprinkle a few drops of water in the pot when the fat is supposed to be sufficiently boiled; should it hiss, as though poured upon melted lead, it is ready; but if it be silent, the fat is not sufficiently boiled, and it will not keep.

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