Most Popular Blog Pages – Why?!

Over the weekend I looked back on the pages that are the most popular – that people come back to again and again. And wonder ‘why?!’ 

Noble lady receiving a drink. Source: Touregypt

Several are refered to in wiki articles – such as “An Ancient Egyptian ‘Recipe’ for curing urinary ailments,” referenced in the article on The Ebers Medical Papyrus. While a good many are accessed by students. Several university professors have written to say they follow the historical blogs, either for their own interest or as part of class assignments.

Guess I’ll have to go back and clean up some of these ‘popular’ blogs. They were never intended for class use, but that is fine if they are – I’ve always been one for demystifying knowledge; I’ll just have to be more careful in spelling and so forth – though for me, part of the fun of blogging is that the entries ARE rough-cut!

Most popular blogs in descending order:

Colonial Musings on Mount Cameroon: Out with the Plantains! In with the Coffee & Sugar!

More stats 2,781
Cuisines and Crops of Africa, 19th Century – The Limits of Pastoralism as a Lifestyle More stats 2,127
Swahili city states: Pre-European ‘colonizers’ of East and Central Africa More stats 1,797
An Ancient Egyptian ‘Recipe’ – for curing urinary ailments More stats 1,767
Coffee Rituals, Camel Shins & Ostrich Brochettes: The Beja Tribes of Eastern Sudan & Egypt – Pt. I More stats 1,413
Inventing Ethnicity; Imagining Agriculture: The ‘Tribes’ of Ham and the ‘Primitive’ Crops of Africa More stats 1,346
Suckling Pigs and Divine Nobles in Ancient Egypt More stats 1,215
Cuisines and Crops of Africa, 18th Century: Food and Farming in Timbuktu More stats 1,187
Roast African Bullfrog, from D. Livingston’s ‘Missionary Travels & Researches…’ 1857. More stats 1,158
Cuisine and Crops in Tropical Africa – Colonial and Contemporary – Pt. 1 More stats 1,072
Fasting and Feasting in Africa – Reasoned Responses to Radical Changes in Climate and Crops More stats 1,058
More Pig and Pork Stories More stats 1,019
Green Mint Tea and Bedouin Carpets at Mersa Matruh, Egypt 

A merchant in Mersa Matruh. Royal Geog. Soc.


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