Troops are Back from Somalia for a Break

Peace-Keeping exercises of Burundian Military before going to Somalia


Burundi has committed a part of its military to participate in peace keeping operations in Somalia, for which new troops go through a series of training exercises in peace keeping that is organized by ex-military from the states, with USA funding.

The Shabbab in Somalia, for their part, have committed themselves to attacks in both Burundi and Uganda as part of their disagreement with this policy, and have attacked in Uganda. A couple of weeks ago we learned that Burundi is next on their target and wait to see what transpires.

In the meantime, every 2 months or so the Burundi troops serving in Somalia are brought back for R&R, for a week or so. For the first day and night they stay at the nearby military camp before going to see their families upcountry. Last night I went over to the cabaret in the village, and found about 10 or so of the military who had just arrived and who were happily guzzling beer, talking to locals, and regaling everyone with stories of Somalia.


The cabaret was filled with military from Somalia and locals


Meanwhile, a new group is being organized for training and to go to Somalia:


American ex-military lecturing to inductees to the Somalia program.



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