Making an Organic Slurry with goat dung Pt.2

Claudia, who is working with farmers in Mozambique,  is a reader of this blog and asked for more information on Making a slurry of goat dung.  So here is a bit more information and a couple of pictures of the slurry being used, etc.

Once or twice a week the women come with their goat dung mixed with water and a bit of soil.

Once arriving at the gardens, water is added to the dung and soil to make a loose / but not too watery mixture. This is dabbed on each plant, individually. Then, each plant has a little water put on top.

Planted here are tomatoes, melons, sukuma wiki.  Several other seeds will be added in order to create a mosaic of companion planting that will look like this>

The garden will be looking like this in a few more weeks. Companion planting reduces insect and disease damage. Harvesting continues for several months.

We have already started harvesting the sukuma wiki from the current gardens – first two pictures above.  And here is the result.

Chef Richard at the Hotel Club du Lac Tanganyika has made white ugali and sukuma wiki from our gardens. Favored dishes in East Africa.

The leaves of the sukuma wiki can be picked for several months .  The plants just keep on growing.  And when we have more than the Hotel requires then the produce is sold to staff in the Kenya Embassy.  We have the only sukuma wiki in Burundi!!

For a good discussion on sukuma wiki (collard greens) in the south of the USA, see this this blog: I’m Proud to be a Collard Person 🙂

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