The Day Sadat was Assassinated & What Followed

Only picture taken  of the assassination.  No origin

Reposting with some additions

What may be the demise of Mubarak, with its attendant intrigues, takes me back some 30 years to the assassination of Sadat and arrival on the scene of Mubarak, which I want to talk about here.

The day of the assassination I was visiting people in the area of Upper Egypt where I had done my field research. I can remember so clearly standing in the house of Umm M., chatting with folks, when someone ran in with a portable radio shouting that Sadat had been assassinated. We were all stunned and unsure whether it was true or not. But over the next hour or so reports continued to be given on the radio, that this was indeed the case… Continued here:

The Day Sadat was Assassinated & What Followed.


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