Clay-Eating (Geophagy) in the 19th Century

Slaves on the way to the coast . The practice of geophagy was apparently taken to the Southern states in the U.S. by slaves. Source: Livingstone, Last Journals

“Dirt is matter out-of-place.”  This quote, by the anthropologist Mary Douglas, points to the cultural relativity of the term ‘dirt’; of dirt being culturally defined.   It is in reference to diseases that ‘dirt’ takes on a non-culturally and more universally defined aura.  Hence, the eating of dirt – or geophagy – covers a wide range of both culturally and medically defined practices.

I don’t want to get into a discussion on the benefits or negative aspects of geophagy, but to bring to attention several examples that come from 19th Century Africa.  This is in response to a series of hits onto my blog from the Wikipedia entry on ‘Geophagy‘ – an entry that is being contested (geophagy seems to be an emotional topic!).

Continue blog here: Clay-Eating (Geophagy) in the 19th Century [From the Archives].

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