Colonial Encounters with West African Rice

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‘Mungo Park, a Scottish surgeon and explorer, was sent out by the ‘Association for Promoting the Discovery of the Interior of Africa’ [England to discover the course of the River Niger. Having achieved a degree of fame from his first trip, carried out alone and on foot, he returned to Africa with a party of 40 Europeans, all of whom lost their lives in the expedition. Wikipedia

 [First posted Sept. 2010, Updated 29 October 2011]  See also: AfricaRice’s African rice collection – (Oryza glaberrima) and Luigi just sent this 2007 link on the topic of Carolina Gold. from his blog.

In 1805 the Scottish explorer Mungo Park imported two tons of Carolina Rice coming from South Carolina to West Africa, to be used during his second expedition exploring the Niger Basin.

Apparently, he was unaware that Carolina Rice was, in fact,  of  West African origin and that key technologies of rice production in South Carolina and in Georgia were, as convincingly argued by Judith Carney, transferred by West African slaves to the Carolinas – not by white settlers from Europe – to the South.

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      Thanks and also for your 2007 link to Carolina. My father’s family had a plantation along Cooper River, near Charlston in South Carolina, which had 7000 acres of rice in its hayday. So the topic has also a personal interest for me..


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