Blogging on a topic that continues to exite afrocentrists – Mathilda handles the outraged comments that she received on this blog quite brilliantly, stating: “…I would also like to comment that Negroid hair doesn’t magically transform into typically Caucasian hair as a result of the mummification process, as is often claimed.

ALL the anthropologists that examined the hair have described the hair as Caucasian overall; you’ll just have to assume that a bunch of highly trained professionals might actually know what they are talking about…”

I’M sorry she no longer maintains her blog.

Mathilda's Anthropology Blog.

Warning! This post contains a lot of images of dead people. I’ve edited out the scarier ones, but it’s not for the squeamish.

Fairly recently, a very well qualified lady called Joann Fletcher carried out a very thorough study of just about all the mummy hair found in Egyptian tombs. In an interview she said..

As the ancient nits on their tiny-toothed combs will attest, real Egyptians were plagued by infestations of scalp-biting bugs. Real Egyptians cropped their curls and even shaved their heads for the sake of hygiene: specifically, to remove the habitat of lice. And quite clearly, they also loved elaborate hairstyles, and went to great lengths to adorn themselves with wigs, false braids and hair extensions.”

“Quite often, the more elaborate and ornate styles were worn by men.” The shaven-headed bodies are not always men, as some would suspect. Ancient Egyptians didn’t use hair length to distinguish…

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  1. A bit of misinformation here. Sorry, “ALL” anthropologists say no such thing as either Diana or Matilda claims. Matilda’s blog at times is full of distortion, misleading claims and simple nonsense. A detailed debunking of assorted “Caucasian” hair claims is shown in the link below.


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