Prince Ankh-haf Goes Mufti

The magnificent bust of Ankh-haf, a vizier of the Fourth Dynasty king Khafre (Chephren, ca. 250-2570 B.C.), is rightfully considered to be the finest portrait of the Egyptian Old Kingdom and one of the outstanding creations in all Egyptian art.  Source: Bolshakov- BMFA 1991

 The bust was discovered during the Harvard-Boston Museum excavations of 1925, and during the Second World War was taken to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to protect it from possible destruction during the war. 

 During that time Dows Dunham, Curator of the Egyptian Collection at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, in a fit of whimsy, decided to subject the noble Ankh-haf to a bit of modernization by clothing him in his own jacket and hat:

As Dunham notes:

The mastaba of Ankh-haf, his bust in situ in the middle of the chamber. 
Bolshakov, BMFA

Source. Bulletin of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, February 1943.

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