Lessons in Pasta-making at the Hotel Lac Tanganyika

Chef Richard decided to give lessons to his senior cooks on making various pastas, which could then be featured on the menu on a regular basis.  Pastas are  not a known (traditional) dish in Burundi, where they will be found mainly in specialty restaurants and at private homes.

Fresh produce is delivered to the kitchen several times a week

Cutting and chopping alley in the kitchen.

Chef Richard, wearing a blue check kerchief, explains how to boil the pasta. All pasta is imported from Italy by the Hotel.

Sous-chef Claver takes over explanations so Richard can look on and advise.

The four pasta sauces, simmering – Spaghetti al olio, spaghetti bolognaise, penne matriciana, and rigatoni al ail.

Claver has added the pastas to the sauce, with a bit of water, and combines the ingredients. One of the dishwashers, to the left, has come to watch.


Now the dishes are ready for tasting and discussing.

A selection of pasta dishes, now available for hotel guests who enjoy the lake – or sit in the restaurants.

English: Map of Burundi Español: Mapa de Burundi

Map of Burundi  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Campaign to save Lake Tanganyika starts (times.co.zm)


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