What Happened to the Black Mamba in the Bathroom

Dendroaspis polylepis by Bill Love. Source: Wikipedia

We don’t know.  A group of villagers came over and searched everywhere in the house, but snakes are so clever at finding small places to hide…

On the other hand, one of the folks pointed out that snakes are pretty good at finding their way out of houses, which reminds me of the huge bullfrog and several smaller ones that took up residence in the house a while back, they went outside in the morning and came in when the sun went down. – see this blog: New Housemates along Lake Tanganyika – and to see what colonial explorers did with large bullfrogs, see here: Roast African Bullfrog, from D. Livingston’s ‘Missionary Travels & Researaches…’ 1857.

So either the Mamba is inside or its outside – or inside the cats…

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