Blogs and Social Networks – Who can Access? Who is Blocked?

Last week BBC Worldservice announced that some of their broadcasts were being blocked in Europe and elsewhere.  ‘Elsewhere’ – perhaps; but Europe?! 

As it happened, the German government was blocking a series of Twitter (and other) entries about Nazism, on the basis of a law that forbids such broadcasts about Nazism in Germany.  Well, this has resulted in a good deal of debate over that and Freedom of Speech issues on the net and radio.

As for ‘elsewhere’ – Iran, as usual, is blocking entry to just about everyone and everything.  So I turned to a couple of the maps of the areas able to get access to this blog.  Interesting results:

The following map, from WordPress, shows hits from the last six months. In Africa, all countries except a few in central Africa (Chad, Central African Republic, Congo) – as well as Moroccan-controlled Western Sahara – are not accessing.  None of that too much of a surprise, given levels of relative unrest and-or technological difficulties.

Hits on ‘dianabuja’s blog’ over the last six months. Source: WordPress.

The two obvious and ‘true blue’ countries, globally, that block this blog are Iran and China.  Not personal, but part of a general policy.  Nice, however, that Mongolia accesses, as well as North Korea.

Less easy to explain is an absence of hits from most of the central European ‘Stans’ – Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan… Perhaps someone has ideas about that?  Of course, Afghanistan, with multiple international presence can – and does – access the blog.

The following map, produced by ClusterMaps, shows hits over the last two months.  Just about the same as the WordPress map, though there are 35 hits from China (Hunan only) and none from Kazakhstan.  As usual, very few hits from the American Heartlands (busy with harvests?) – but many from the east and west coasts.  And, happily, hits from Germany.

Last two months of hits on ‘dianabuja’s blog.’ By ClusterMaps

StatCounter is another engine that collects information on accesses to a blog.  Here are hits over the last two weeks on dianabuja’s blog:


StatCounter statistics for dianabuja’s blog over the past two weeks.

Well, if stationed to Belosavci, Serbia, perhaps I too would be looking for warmer climes and adventures.


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2 Responses to Blogs and Social Networks – Who can Access? Who is Blocked?

  1. Clanmother says:

    Very interesting! Great research…


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