First of several blogs translating the Annals of Tacitus – follow the intrigues of these roman elite! From Spain and Germany, to Armenia and beyond…

μεταφραστής, -οῦ, ὁ: translator

I haven’t received a full list of what we will cover in Roman Historians, but the first assignment was the first three chapters of the Annals of Tacitus.

I. At the beginning, kings held the Roman city; L. Brutus instituted liberty and the consulate. Dictarorships were taken up for the occassion; and neither did the power of the decemviri extend beyond two years, nor did the consular right of the military tribunes flourish for long. Neither the rule of Cinna, nor of Sulla were lengthy; the might of Pompey and Crassus yielded quickly to Caesar1, as did the arms of Lepidus and Antonius to Augustus, who received under his imperium the whole, wearied by civil wars, with the title of Prince2. But the prosperity of the ancient Roman people, and their adversities have been recounted by illustrious writers; befitting genius was not lacking for describing the…

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