Coffee Customs in Eastern Sudan and Egypt: The Beja Tribes and a Recipe

I have just updated the following blog on Coffee Culture among the Beja Clans of the Red Sea Hills of Egypt – a ceremony that has also been part of history and culture in the Middle East and North Africa.  A recipe of the drink and the ceremony is included.  Enjoy!

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Revised 14 May 2014

Beja merchants at the Red Sea market town of Shalaeen.  Source - Wikipedia Beja merchants at the Red Sea market town of Shalaeen. The Red Sea Hills can be seen in the background.  Source – Wikipedia

Coffee culture is a central part of both social and political life of the Beja, as it is in many other areas of the Middle East and North Africa.   The original blog, from which this section is extracted, can be found here: Coffee Rituals, Camel Shins & Ostrich Brochettes: The Beja Tribes of Eastern Sudan & Egypt – Part II

For several years in the early 1980’s I managed a livestock-health project working with several of the Bisharin –or Beja – tribal lineages that are located in the Red Sea Hills of Southeastern Egypt and Northeastern Sudan:

Beja tribal area; our work was primarily in the Hala’ib Triangle next to the Red Sea. The triangle is the disputed area between Sudan and Egypt, now…

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