The Mouse becomes Vizier in Ancient Egypt

For your weekend enjoyment, here is a blog that I have revised about what happens when a mouse becomes vizier to the king in Ancient Egypt. It is a lovely tale, humorous, but also a story that emphasizes the importance of justice.

The text was apparently used in scribal classes when teaching ancient Egyptian. Please enjoy!

A mouse-god being carried by jackal-priests.  Source -  H Ollermann Turin DelM

A mouse-god being carried by jackal-priests. Source – H Ollermann Turin Probably from Deir el-Medina. 

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Revised 23 May 2014

Examples of  hieroglypthic (top) and the same text in hieratic (bottom).  Source - www.schillerinstitute.orgExamples of hieroglyphic (top) and the same text in hieratic (bottom). Source –     

Tales of mice and cats, such as the following, were popular in ancient Egypt, They were generally written in Middle Egyptian hieratic, a cursive form of hieroglyphic, and are excellent texts for aspiring scribes (or, as I was in the past, a student of hieratic in Egyptology classes).


Cartoons of cats and mice were as popular as were the fanciful stories about them, and appeared throughout Egyptian history. The portion of an ostracon that appears in the above header image is probably from the workmen’s village of Deir el-Medina, near ancient Thebes. It shows a mouse sipping beer out of a large container, through a bent straw, while being attended by a cat. A few other examples appear in this fanciful text:

In the kingdom of the animals…

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