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Severe Colonial Cures for Malaria in 1863

Treatment for malaria was a very hit-and-miss affair for colonial explorers and missionaries of the time.  The cause was not known (often thought to ‘come’ from rank swamps and wetness) and the treatments were numerous and sometimes very extreme, as the … Continue reading

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A careful analysation of the attack [of malaria], in all its severe, plaintive, and silly phases. 1871

Malaria was indeed the scourge of colonial exploration in Africa.  Quinine was known, but administration was a pretty hit and miss affair (SEE HERE. for an earlier entry on malaria). But it was – and continues to be – the … Continue reading

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Herbal Treatments in Africa for Malaria in the 19th Century – A Hit-and-Miss Affair

Malaria was a major scourge for colonial explorers in tropical Africa – as, indeed, it is today.  Since the malady was unknown in northern Europe and the UK, treatments during the colonial era were hit-and-miss.  Some of the concoctions were … Continue reading

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Wargames and Christmas Celebrations during the War Years

Updated blog first posted in 2010. This is the second reblogging of past Christmas celebrations here in Burundi, the first being: An African Christmas, Burundi-Style Here is what happened in 2003, by way of wargames, Christmas celebrations, and related events.  Most … Continue reading

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Colonial Musings on Mount Cameroon: Out with the Plantains! In with the Coffee & Sugar!

Colonial world views were, on the whole, extraordinary.  Explorers and missionaries marched out to record, save and reorder the world according to notions of Progress that placed Europeans at the apogee of Civilization (self-defined) – and ‘Everyone Else’ pretty far … Continue reading

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Discovering the Rusizi River, Did it flow IN or OUT?! Part IV

This email is a bit tedious – consisting primarily of names and geog. places discovered by Livingstone and Stanley. Finally, Stanley and Livingstone reached the top (north shore) of the lake, crossing from the eastern shore to the N.W. corner and … Continue reading

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Hospital cuisine and culture in Burundi

Hospitals and healthcare in Africa and other non-Western areas receive resoundingly bad press. Westerners living here (Burundi) or in other non-Western countries routinely flee the country at the first signs of serious illness, generally going to South Africa or Europe. … Continue reading

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