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Ethnobotanical knowledge of indigenous fruits in Northern Namibia

Indigenous communities in Namibia [southwestern Africa] possess a rich indigenous knowledge expressed within many practices of these communities. Indigenous wild edible fruits are available, which form a rich source of vitamins, fibres, minerals and a heterogeneous collection of bioactive compounds referred to as … Continue reading

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Locusts and Hyenas: The Red Sea Hills of Eastern Egypt & Sudan

Following on the recent swarms of Locusts in Egypt and Israel, here is an update of a blog on the topic (and on hyenas): Previous blogs on work in the Red Sea Hills are found here and here. During the … Continue reading

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Livingstone Discovers South Carolina Rice in Southern Africa, c.1860

[First posted Nov. 2010,  Revised 06 November 2011] The Portuguese had been trading in and marginally colonizing east-southern Africa since the 15th Century.  When, two centuries later, the English decided to explore the region, small settlements of Portuguese and their Catholic … Continue reading

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Colonial Missionaries and Commerçants of the Empire

There is a good deal of debate – as well as pure assumption – about the link between missionizing/missions and commerce, during 19th Century colonial ventures. Here is what the explorer Dr. Livingstone had to say about the relationship between … Continue reading

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Cuisines and Crops of Africa, 19th Century – Zambezi River Watershed in Southern Africa

Between 1858 and 1864 Dr. David Livingstone and his brother, together with several other persons, explored  the Zambezi River and its tributaries in south-central Africa. Although this was one of the most difficult of the colonial ventures into the interior … Continue reading

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