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Petit Boy-Boy (Kittie) Goes Big-Time on LOL Cats (Maybe…)

Yesterday the following picture appeared on LOL cats: And I thought, ‘OH!  Petit Boy-Boy has gone Global!’  Here’s why: Well, perhaps not… Although, perhaps tweaked with PhotoShop?  Who knows – LOL cat photo-makers have certainly been known to use photos … Continue reading

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Happy May Day – A Great Burundian Holiday

May Day is enthusiastically celebrated here in Burundi – a great parade of workers from different organizations, families visiting and strolling the beach, and lots of food and drink.   Boy-Boy – a huge Burmese cat who accompanied me when I came from Kenya – … Continue reading

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Kitties in Africa, Past and Present

With the new year upon us, I look back at the animals I brought here from Kenya.  That included: 3 cats, 2 dogs, my 2 horses, and a van-load of Alpine and Boer breeding goats for our restocking and herd upgrading … Continue reading

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Three Generations of Lunatic Cats: Galton’s Take on Feline Eugenics

Source: V. Stilwell-Banfield ..she had wild fits, tearing round and round the room, ‘swearing’ horribly, and fighting with teeth and claws anyone who tried to pick her up… Source: Francis Galton. Francis Galton, the Victorian founder of eugenics, thought that … Continue reading

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The Case for Cats in Islam and A Medieval Cat Poem from Cairo

Cats were – and still are – well appreciated in the Middle East and, as discussed further on, are favorably described in the Qur’an and Hadith.   A charming poem written by Abu ‘Amir al-Fadl ibn Isma’il al-Tamimi al-Jurjani (d. 458/1065) exalts his cat. The … Continue reading

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Lulu-Cat, an F1 African Wildcat

Lulu was an F1 / 50%  African Wild Cat x barn tabby. He was born in Kenya, in the Ngong Hills forest.  Lulu came with me here to Burundi, on the north End of Lake Tanganyika – dying at the … Continue reading

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A History of LOL Cats

A history of LOL cats – Trivia for a boring party… The above was developed by ‘On-Line Schools‘ – some interesting info. on their site.

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