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An Eternal Curse upon the Reader of These Lines (with Apologies to M. Puig)*

In retribution for the ‘prying’ or ‘intrusive curiosity’ inherent in the reading of another’s words, the Argentine novelist Manuel Puig entitled a 1980 work ‘Eternal Curse on the Reader of these Pages.’ The same sentiment appears in Egyptian magic. A … Continue reading

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A Ptolemaic Tale of Lust and Abandonment

A take by Reeder = .. it is not coincidental that the Egyptian word muu, for the so-called muu dancers, … who were responsible for bringing the souls of the dead to the afterworld, referred to jesters, buffoons, and dwarfs (Budge, 1978; Faulkner, 1986), for these … Continue reading

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Récent happenings Here in Burundi

I’ve been out of circulation for some weeks due to illness – soon to catch up/In the meantime, here is an interesting article on weaving in the old kingdom and nice photo of a very unhappy Manul cat. Sorry – computer … Continue reading

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Ancient Lives: Papyrology for People Who aren’t Papyrologists

Originally posted on Let the Reader Understand:
A few months ago I was introduced to the University of of Oxford’s Ancient Lives papyri transcription project while TAing a class for Eric Smith. This morning I rediscovered it and have been having some…

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Antiquity Imagined: The Remarkable Legacy of Egypt and the Ancient Near East

Originally posted on HARN Weblog:
HARN member, Robin Derricourt, has sent us notification of his latest publication: Antiquity Imagined: the remarkable legacy of Egypt and the ancient Near East (London: I.B. Tauris, 2015)  Outsiders have long attributed to the Middle…

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How to Succeed with Letters to The Dead – Translations by Wente

Letters to the dead in ancient Egypt provided one method of seeking success or redress from both the gods and from people who have died.  I will put up a couple that provide a little window to these interesting missives; see … Continue reading

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Penmeru: Director of the Dining Pavilion – 2

Penmeru ‘Director of the Dinning Hall.’  was interred in a curious mastaba – curious, in part because of the multiple pseudo-groups of Penmeru that were contained therein.  The dig that resulted in the discovery of these statues within the mastaba of Penmeru was led by … Continue reading

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