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Behold: a zonkey is born … leading to thoughts about ancient Egyptian animals

Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:
Here’s a nice hybrid for you, born only four days ago and sporting an adorable set of striped leggings: A zonkey, the offspring of a cross between a zebra and a donkey, named…

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Illustrated (and other) Manuscripts before the Digital Revolution

[H/T to  hrsilvers, who verified that the above is a depiction of St. Luke, together with his symbol of a winged ox, or bull.  More on this interesting feature in another blog.]    Digital techniques are revolutionizing access to collections in libraries and … Continue reading

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Visitors on the Wild Side of Lake Tanganyika – I

Updated 9-11-12 Part II is here:Visitors on the Wild Side of Lake Tanganyika – II Over the years I have enjoyed (or not) the gifting, invasion, or other means of learning about the creatures of this part of central Africa.  Wildlife … Continue reading

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Abolishing Slave Trade by Enhancing Ivory Trade, 19th Century

Explorers and others who were concerned about the slave trade in the 19th Century thought that regularizing the trade in elephant ivory could help to curb the slave trade. By engaging locals and traders in ivory trade, the profits would … Continue reading

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Swahili city states: Pre-European ‘colonizers’ of East and Central Africa

Although Africa has and continues to be thought of as the Dark Continent that remained untouched until the advent of European explorers and colonizers, Arab–Swahili traders from the East Coast of Africa developed extensive commerce with the interior for several hundreds of … Continue reading

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