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The French in Egypt and the Belgians in the Congo

When, in 1971, the government of the Belgian Congo changed its name to ‘Zaire’, the government also put in place the official policy of Autenticité – which promoted abandoning Belgian cuisine for local dishes.  Adoption of African apparel was also … Continue reading

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Colonial Cuisine in Africa and What Followed

What stands out clearly in the above photo is the effort [to greater or lesser degrees unconscious] by colonials to distance themselves from their colonized subjects while also projecting a vision of improvement – of bringing ‘civilization’ to the ‘Dark … Continue reading

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Cultural Collapse in Egypt

A while back, on Radio Germany [short wave], a program was aired on changes in women’s dress in Egypt over the past several decades – towards both western dress and veiling.  Although Egypt is a small country and one that … Continue reading

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