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Notes on Dairy Goats and Artisan Cheese Production in Central Africa

Dairy Animals & Traditional Dairy Production in Central Africa –A Brief Background Cattle and goats are important components of small farm agriculture in Burundi, Rwanda and the eastern Congo.  Agriculturalists were the first migrants into the area, many hundreds of … Continue reading

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Cuisines and Crops of Africa, 18th Century: Food and Farming in Timbuktu

Tétuan, Moroccan port town opposite Gibraltar.  Steel Engraving.  Institute in Hidlburghausen. 1842 In about 1789, the merchant and voyager Abd Salam Shabeeny  set out from his home city, the Moroccan port town of Tetuan (above picture), for Germany in order to procure items for … Continue reading

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French Passport for Immigrating Africans – How to ‘get around’ Slavery Laws – 1860s

Slavery was outlawed by England in 1834, and France in 1848.  The Emancipation proclamation in the U.S. was signed into law in 1865. However, in order to procure raw manpower needed by plantations in the West Indies , French interest … Continue reading

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A History of LOL Cats

A history of LOL cats – Trivia for a boring party… The above was developed by ‘On-Line Schools‘ – some interesting info. on their site.

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Cuisine and Crops in Tropical Africa – Colonial and Contemporary

Revised 13 December 2013 Over the coming months I will continue putting up brief notes on cuisine and crops in Africa,  covering the following and related topics.   Some of these are summary overviews, not intended to reflect specific conditions … Continue reading

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Time for Plumb Jam Stories

Well, now: When I was 4 or 5, a particularly terrible cuisine-event took place.  And it was my fault… It was late fall, at our families summer home, and my mother was making plumb jelly on the large, wood-burning kitchen … Continue reading

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Sorghum Beer Merchants in Mecca, in 1822 and in 1852

[First posted May. 2009,  Revised 17 November 2011] There are several documents that have recently been put on the internet, claiming that Sir Richard Burton did not recognize the earlier trip of John Lewis Burckhardt to Mecca, some 30 years … Continue reading

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