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Antibiotics, Bed Rest and Friends – Standard for Recovery in Central Africa

In early August I was found collapsed on the floor of my office at the Hotel Club du Lac.  So far, I’ve been given three versions of ‘what happened’ – and then there is a fourth version (mine).Taken to the … Continue reading

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‘Recipes’ for Treating the Eyes: The Papyrus Ebers & My Opthalmic Shingles

Revised 19-07-2012 Wajet eye.  Source:  Wiki. It has now been two years since my encounter with opthalmic shingles, and while the searing pain has lessened, it is still very much with me.  Earlier this year a doctor from the States was here and … Continue reading

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Sorghum Beer in Colonial Burundi and Now

Continuing past blogs on the production of local beverages that are fermented, let’s move on to sorghum beer – which until recent times was the most important local brew in Burundi.  It’s production is described by Hans Meyer, in Les … Continue reading

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The Damascene Collar of the Dove

Thoughts on Syria by Mahmoud Darwish Section V of “The Damascene Collar of the Dove” by Mahmoud Darwish: In Damascus:     the traveler sings to himself:        ”  I return from Syria          ”   neither alive            ”     nor … Continue reading

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Time for Plumb Jam Stories

Well, now: When I was 4 or 5, a particularly terrible cuisine-event took place.  And it was my fault… It was late fall, at our families summer home, and my mother was making plumb jelly on the large, wood-burning kitchen … Continue reading

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