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Antiquity Imagined: The Remarkable Legacy of Egypt and the Ancient Near East

Originally posted on HARN Weblog:
HARN member, Robin Derricourt, has sent us notification of his latest publication: Antiquity Imagined: the remarkable legacy of Egypt and the ancient Near East (London: I.B. Tauris, 2015)  Outsiders have long attributed to the Middle…

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Coptic Easter and A Feast in Rural Egypt – Recipes Included

With Easter upon us, I’m sharing my blog about the holiday in Upper [southern] Egypt: During the years that I spent a good deal of my time working and living in Upper [southern] Egypt while conducting  doctoral research, I was … Continue reading

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The Egyptian Book of the Dead; what Egyptologists have to say and an imaginative reinactment

For you upcoming weekend enjoyment, a reposting of this popular blog. The following videos dramatize a bit of the life of the 19th century Egyptologist E Wallace Budge and his discoveries in Egypt; together with brief remarks by several 20th and 21st … Continue reading

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Behold: a zonkey is born … leading to thoughts about ancient Egyptian animals

The bizaare hybrids called zonkeys (Equus zebra x Equus asinus) are occasionally born in Africa and elsewhere and Jerry Coyne has an excellent blog about them, referenced below. Continue reading

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Soil biodiversity and ecosystem function

It has long been recognised that organisms living in the soil are important for making nitrogen available to plants and for storing carbon in the soil but a new paper in PNAS by de Vries et al… Source: diana … Continue reading

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A Grassy Trend in Human Ancestors’ Diets

“For a long time, primates stuck by the old restaurants–leaves and fruits–but by 3.5 million years ago, they started exploring new diet possibilities–tropical grasses and sedges–that grazing animals discovered a long time before, about 10 million years ago,” Cerling says, … Continue reading

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Recent Botanical Studies on Plant Materials from Ancient Egypt

 Several items have recently been published or republished on botanical topics relating to ancient Egypt.  I post them below together with links for ordering.  They are all quite good. The last 5 items are available on and if you’re not a member … Continue reading

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