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Originally posted on Traditional Animal Genetic Resources for Food Security Under Climate Change Influence:
The present era’s Pakistan is cradle of animal domestication. The well known civilizations of Gandhara, Mohan jododo, and Mehergarh are the inimitable examples. The ruins excavated…

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Cuisines and Crops of Africa, 19th Century – The Limits of Pastoralism as a Lifestyle

  [First posted  24 Oct 2009  Revised 04 November 2011] With the Horn of Africa so much in the news now, I am updating and reposting several links that focus on limited resources in the area. Summary: The importance of the relationship … Continue reading

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Fasting and Feasting in Africa – Reasoned Responses to Radical Changes in Climate and Crops

“The quantities of meat our men devour is quite astounding. They boil as much as their pots will hold, and eat till it becomes physically impossible for them to stow away any more…” In a previous post – ‘Cuisines and … Continue reading

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Humanitarian Assistance & Neocolonialism

Humanitarian Assistance – The New Colonialism? Is there a fine line between assisting marginalized groups on the one hand, and modern versions of Colonialism on the other?  This issue came out (yet again) quite clearly last week, with regard to my own … Continue reading

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