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What Samuel Baker, Explorer, Can tell Us about Gum Arabic 1 of 3

Gum arabic, the resin of certain acacia trees, has been an important product of east Africa and the Sahel for millennia.  In addition to being traded as far away as India, it is eaten by local animals and has also been a … Continue reading

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An Account of the Plague in Barbary, North Africa, 1799 – Part II

Some Account of a peculiar Species of Plague which depopulated West Barbary in 1799 and 1800, and to the Effects of which the Author was an eyewitness. By James G. Jackson, Mogodor/ Essaouira Part I, can be found here. From various … Continue reading

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Sahelian City-States in the Western Sahel: Part 2

Recent and ongoing events in the Sahel by way of food crises, religiously based conflict, ethnically based conflict, and military coups are intertwined.  They are the most recent iterations of  interdependent political, economic, religious, social, and cultural changes that have … Continue reading

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Radio COBAM: Information on climate change and its links with forests

See on “Information on climate change and its links with forests are not readily available in Central Africa. The concept of climate change and its processes evolve so quickly that decision makers are hard pressed to keep up. In … Continue reading

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City States in the Sahel: Pre-European Kingdoms of West Africa – Part 1

With the recent efforts of France to address the efforts of Islamists in northern Mali – and Nigeria and its neighbours to confront the Boko Haram in northeast Nigeria- I am revising and reposting this blog on Sahelian history.    Introduction: … Continue reading

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West African Cuisine and Hunger Crops, 1800s

The kinds of food consumed by local people were often a great surprise to European explorers travelling in Africa.  Here are several passages from the journals of Mungo Park regarding crops and foods that he found singularly weird. Mr. Park was one … Continue reading

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