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Wargames – South Africans and Others

In 1998 and for several years thereafter, during the fighting here, the South African military came in as the first wave of African Union (AU) troops whose mission was to work with the Burundi military in peace-keeping activities.  The AU was … Continue reading

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Slogging through Europe in WWii: Rommel’s Widow, Night-Time Charley, Combat & Fire-Storms – and After the War: “Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres”

In memory of my Dad’s service in World War II, I am re-posting the following blog; he himself would never discuss the events with family or friends..Materials have been added. ############ “All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our … Continue reading

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Wargames and Christmas Celebrations during the War Years

Updated blog first posted in 2010. This is the second reblogging of past Christmas celebrations here in Burundi, the first being: An African Christmas, Burundi-Style Here is what happened in 2003, by way of wargames, Christmas celebrations, and related events.  Most … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Memories along Lake Tanganyika

Reposted for Thanksgiving 2012:   Several years ago, when still living in the big house by Lake Tanganyika, I organized a Thanksgiving celebration especially for members of the Burundian military who were so very helpful for us during those fighting years, … Continue reading

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Green Mint Tea and Beduin Carpets at Mersa Matruh – and an Anniversary at El Alamein

Revised 19 May 2014 Mersa Matruh is about 160 miles west of the Alexandria, with El Alamein located in between. From the Mersa Matruh there were desert busses going south to the oasis of Siwa, which I visited on several occasions. Source. … Continue reading

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Impact of The Lords Resistance Army in Central Africa

Towards the end of last week there was heavy bombing in the hills just above Uvira, a small town in the Congo,  just across Lake Tanganyika from us: These bombings were by the military of the Congo who, with tactical … Continue reading

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Food strikes in Ancient Egypt – The Turin Strike Papyrus, and Other Records

Bread riots have been a regular feature of public protests in Egypt, and the unrest in Midan Tahrir, Cairo, since 2012, is, in part, associated with rises in food prices.  So it is timely to look at what is thought to … Continue reading

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