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Baking Emmer Bread in Ancient Egypt – Discoveries from Amarna

Dr Delwen Samuel is an archaeobotanist and a leading expert in the production of bread and beer in ancient Egypt – particularly at the site of the Amarna Project (1353–1336 BC); shown in the map, above.  Through both archaeology and using bread-making tools … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies: Ancient Egyptian Love Songs

Here follows background on ancient Egyptian love songs, together with the transliteration and translation of several.  As well, a video of a lovesong being sung to the accompanyment of a harp, which has been constructed in the manner of Egyptian … Continue reading

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Quiz on Identifying Ancient Egyptian Plants

Below are results, to date, of the quiz: Can You Identify These Plants from Ancient Egypt? I have entered the suggestions that have been sent in, together with a small picture of each one.  For larger pictures (or for the reference) go to … Continue reading

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How did Ancient Egyptians Keep Warm in The Winter? – A possible answer

A question that’s nagged me for a long time – how did the ancient Egyptians keep WARM?! Egypt is quite cold in the winter months, and certainly folks did not go about wearing flimsy linen garb as shown in tomb paintings … Continue reading

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Vinegar in Ancient Egypt: Sour Wine or Tasty Condiment?

Although there are many tomb drawings and small models representing agriculture, kitchen activities and banquets, knowledge of specific ways by which food was prepared is practically non-existent.  As N. Millet commented:   An area of ancient Egyptian life about which we are poorly … Continue reading

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Frédéric Cailliaud: An Eighteenth Century French Scientist and Explorer in Egypt

 The following article appeared in a past Newsletter of the American Research Center in Egypt.  I will be following up with another blog on shared characteristics of late 18th and early 19th century explorers in Africa. ————————  When long time … Continue reading

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Recent Botanical Studies on Plant Materials from Ancient Egypt

 Several items have recently been published or republished on botanical topics relating to ancient Egypt.  I post them below together with links for ordering.  They are all quite good. The last 5 items are available on academia.edu and if you’re not a member … Continue reading

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