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Gift of a Shrew and Their Role in Graeco-Roman Egypt

This morning I was awakened by Bébé-Cat gifting me with a little shrew that was dead.  Not the most enjoyable way to start the day. However, this reminded me of a blog that I wrote a couple of years ago about rats … Continue reading

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Traditional Musical Instruments and Ankole Cattle in Burundi

Traditional musical instruments, aside from the drum, are difficult to come by and so I was quite pleased when I was recently given an nzamba, which is a flute made of the horn of an Ankole cow – The horn-flute was … Continue reading

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Music to Bike By – The Hills of Burundi

The best music to accompany the following video of a descent (by bike) from the highlands of Burundi into the capital of Bujumbura on Lake Tanganyika – a drop of some 30 kilometers and 1400 meters – is, in my opinion, … Continue reading

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Singing About Burundi

Burundians love their country, and here is Steve Sogo’s song, ‘My Beautiful Country, Burundi,’ which celebrates this fact. The song has been a run-away hit, very much beloved throughout the country. Scenes in the video are of traditional Burundi styles and musical … Continue reading

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Intercropping in upland Burundi, central Africa

Intercropping in upland Burundi. Banana, manioc, maize, amaranth, etc, are regularly intercropped by smallholders.  This is a traditional method of augmenting soil fertility and porosity, and of assuring seasonally appropriate crops. As well, problems of  brief, radical climate shifts are … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies: The Holidays!

Since I will most likely be teaching at Hope-Burundi University this coming year, a few academic funnies about the holidays seem in order:

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Friday Funnies: Cats and Monkeys

Well, the monkey in the above video certainly didn’t consider this episode ‘funny’. Have a lovely and restful weekend! Sunset on Lake Tanganyika

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