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How did Ancient Egyptians Keep Warm in The Winter? – A possible answer

A question that’s nagged me for a long time – how did the ancient Egyptians keep WARM?! Egypt is quite cold in the winter months, and certainly folks did not go about wearing flimsy linen garb as shown in tomb paintings … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Coptist:
The story of Coptic typography begins with a pilgrimage from Oppenheim to the Holy Land in 1483 by Bernhard von Breydenbach, Canon of Mainz and Dean of its Cathedral. Bernhard von Breydenbach was accompanied to…

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حلبه (Hilba; Fenugreek) – A Wonderful Winter Drink and Herbal Medicine in Egypt

One of the most pleasant drinks during the cold months of the Egyptian winter is  حلبه – hilba,  helba, or fenugreek seeds, crushed and mixed with  other spices and brewed in hot water.  Truly yummy.  Here is a description of hilba from 1918: In … Continue reading

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