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Livingston’s Adventures with Manioc [Cassava] in Southern Africa

Yesterday I had for lunch an African dish with fish and cassava [manioc] in a delicious sauce.  This reminded me of the oft negative descriptions of the crop as being something less that wonderful; as written by David Livingston : The … Continue reading

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Monkey Business – 19th. Century and Now

Monkeys and gorillas in the 19th century were – and continue to be – found throughout tropical and sub-tropical Africa.  When colonial explorers began to encounter them, it was thought they might be somehow related to humans, and it was … Continue reading

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“Efforts of Missionaries among Savages”

[First posted May 2010, Updated 30 October 2011] David Livingstone captured the imagination of Europeans and Americans in the 19th Century, many of whom saw missionizing as THE way to ‘civilize’ African populations. I shall content myself with showing to you that even … Continue reading

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Cuisines and Crops of Africa, 19th Century – Zambezi River Watershed in Southern Africa

Between 1858 and 1864 Dr. David Livingstone and his brother, together with several other persons, explored  the Zambezi River and its tributaries in south-central Africa. Although this was one of the most difficult of the colonial ventures into the interior … Continue reading

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Roast African Bullfrog, from D. Livingston’s ‘Missionary Travels & Researaches…’ 1857.

The missionary-explorer David Livingston was an exceptionally prolific writer, detailing during his travels in Africa – among myriad other things – all manner of animal and vegetable products either grown or collected, the characteristics of  these items, and how they were … Continue reading

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