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Research & Development – African Perspectives

Long and meandering blog… Those of us coming from the West (or Western trained) tend to separate technology and its research from the social-political and environmental contexts in which it is (or should be) working. Sometimes that is ‘ok’ – … Continue reading

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Cuisines and Crops of Africa: Ancient Egypt, 19th & 20th C. – Multipurpose Wheat and Plantains

In rural Africa, major crops are not just for food.  A good food crop, whether indigenous or introduced is multipurpose – a fact that is often unknown or under-rated in modern agricultural research and development (R&D), which stresses the uses … Continue reading

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Coffee Rituals, Camel Shins & Ostrich Brochettes: The Beja Tribes of Eastern Sudan & Egypt – Part II

Continuing yesterday’s blog (here)…  Beja house, near the little trading town of Shalateen on the Red Sea coast, using drift wood for building. From here desert camel caravans coming from western Sudan would offload their livestock onto motorized boats coming from Saudi Arabia. … Continue reading

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