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Antibiotics, Bed Rest and Friends – Standard for Recovery in Central Africa

In early August I was found collapsed on the floor of my office at the Hotel Club du Lac.  So far, I’ve been given three versions of ‘what happened’ – and then there is a fourth version (mine).Taken to the … Continue reading

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Severe Colonial Cures for Malaria in 1863

Treatment for malaria was a very hit-and-miss affair for colonial explorers and missionaries of the time.  The cause was not known (often thought to ‘come’ from rank swamps and wetness) and the treatments were numerous and sometimes very extreme, as the … Continue reading

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Medicinal & Indigenous Plants

Following on  from the last two entries, an important aspect of medicinal and indigenous plants has been lack of attention to them – to their role in local diets and health.  This is now changing, and some of the organizations … Continue reading

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Back (almost) to the Land of the Living!!

The eyes have it … opthalmic shingles!! (My eyes, not those of Lulu-Cat). For more than 2 of the last 4 months I’ve been in the hospital recovering from ophthalmic shingles – a terrible malady from which I am still … Continue reading

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Wines and Rosewater – Distilling Techniques from the Middle East

This post won’t be for ‘everyone’ – it is about the transfer of technology from the Middle East to Europe, specifically, about distilling techniques. The entry is condensed from the this site, from which full footnotes are available. Alcohol and … Continue reading

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Coffee Rituals, Camel Shins & Ostrich Brochettes: The Beja Tribes of Eastern Sudan & Egypt – Part II

Continuing yesterday’s blog (here)…  Beja house, near the little trading town of Shalateen on the Red Sea coast, using drift wood for building. From here desert camel caravans coming from western Sudan would offload their livestock onto motorized boats coming from Saudi Arabia. … Continue reading

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