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Martyrdom and Terrorism

Originally posted on kateantiquity:
One of the nicest things to arrive in the post recently: a publication copy of Martyrdom and Terrorism, the product of a collaboration among historians working on different cultures and periods, in which I took part some time…

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The English cream tea: a question of preservation | A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe

The origins of foods and processing techniques can be shabbily done – as explained in this blog on the origins of clotted cream tea and strawberry preserves. Following a brief criticism of Wikipedia and BBC articles on the topic of both … Continue reading

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Illustrated (and other) Manuscripts before the Digital Revolution

[H/T to  hrsilvers, who verified that the above is a depiction of St. Luke, together with his symbol of a winged ox, or bull.  More on this interesting feature in another blog.]    Digital techniques are revolutionizing access to collections in libraries and … Continue reading

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Ebony & Adobe: Modern Words that Survive from Ancient Egypt – What, How and Why

Above are but two of a series of words that originated in the Nile Valley.  The reasons for these survivals is perhaps not such a surprise, as discussed below.  Ebony: ‘Ebony’ as named and used in ancient Egypt, was the species … Continue reading

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Recent Botanical Studies on Plant Materials from Ancient Egypt

 Several items have recently been published or republished on botanical topics relating to ancient Egypt.  I post them below together with links for ordering.  They are all quite good. The last 5 items are available on academia.edu and if you’re not a member … Continue reading

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Graeco-Roman Mummy Portraits, Coptic Papyri, and Paintings of Fathi Hassan

Graeco-Roman Mummy Portraits Coptic Papyri, and paintings by Fathi Hassan go on show at the John Rylands Library 18 Jul 2012 Ten remarkable mummy portraits from one of the world’s greatest collections are to go on show, as part of a ground-breaking exhibition … Continue reading

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Food strikes in Ancient Egypt – The Turin Strike Papyrus, and Other Records

Bread riots have been a regular feature of public protests in Egypt, and the unrest in Midan Tahrir, Cairo, since 2012, is, in part, associated with rises in food prices.  So it is timely to look at what is thought to … Continue reading

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