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The Day President Sadat was Assassinated & What Followed

Reposting with readers’ suggestions: What may be the ultimate demise of ex-president  Mubarak, his sons, and others – with all of their attendant intrigues – takes me back some 30 years to the assassination of President Sadat, which I want to … Continue reading

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حلبه (Hilba; Fenugreek) – A Wonderful Winter Drink and Herbal Medicine in Egypt

One of the most pleasant drinks during the cold months of the Egyptian winter is  حلبه – hilba,  helba, or fenugreek seeds, crushed and mixed with  other spices and brewed in hot water.  Truly yummy.  Here is a description of hilba from 1918: In … Continue reading

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A Houseboat on the Nile and A Link to Egyptian Fattah in 1866 (served on a houseboat)

                          Unsigned plate of a dahabiyeh  attributed to Antonio Beato   Houseboats on the Nile were the rage for decades, and during my years in Egypt houseboats were … Continue reading

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