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Discovering the Rusizi River, Did it flow IN or OUT?! Part IV

This email is a bit tedious – consisting primarily of names and geog. places discovered by Livingstone and Stanley. Finally, Stanley and Livingstone reached the top (north shore) of the lake, crossing from the eastern shore to the N.W. corner and … Continue reading

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Discovering the Rusizi River – Did It flow IN or OUT?!, Pt. I

East African explorations in the mid 19th Century were overwhelming directed to discovering the source of the Nile in central Africa.  Along side this goal, laying out ways and means whereby the English could establish a strong foothold in East and central Africa … Continue reading

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Coffee Culture in Africa – an Historical Peek

Following on the last blog, about indigenous coffee in Uganda – and about other indigenous crops, here follows some passages from 19th Century explorers on ‘coffee culture’ and the agriculture of indigenous coffee in east Africa and the Sudan.  The importance of … Continue reading

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Tanganyika (Nile) Perch Baked in a Salt Jacket

The Nile Perch, or ‘Captain’ as it is called here along Lake Tanganyika, is indigenous to a number of inland lakes of tropical Africa – and did not originate from the Nile.  It can grow to over 6 feet in … Continue reading

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