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Wargames – South Africans and Others

Are we on our way to a similar activity ? Post updated in Feb 2016.   In 1998 and for several years thereafter, during the fighting here, the South African military came in as the first wave of African Union (AU) troops … Continue reading

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Qanat Structures in the Western Desert of Egypt: Early Forms of Desert Irrigation

 [First posted May 2010,  Revised 04 November 2011] Qanat structures – underground water canals that can extend many miles – are a feature of the Middle East and North African agriculture that I find fascinating. It was Paul English who wrote one … Continue reading

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The Sweet Dates and Bitter Olives of Siwa Oasis (Libyan Desert)

Siwa, the Oasis of Jupiter Amon: Recipes – found at the end of this blog: Spice Braised Chicken with Dates and Almonds Rice with almonds and dates (Ruz bil-loz wa bil-tamar) Brined Fresh Olives Some of my fondest memories of living and … Continue reading

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