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How to Spend Your Weekend – With Nematodes

An amusing add directed to American livestock farmers that has appeared in several agriculture and livestock magazines – Nematodes are one of the biggest problems not only in the States, but globally.  The increasing over-use and inappropriate use of anthelmintics , … Continue reading

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Power, partnership and participation: Nile Basin Development Challenge in summary

Originally posted on ILRI Clippings:
Farmers getting trained on forage management at Kolugelan, Jeldu (Photo credit: ILRI / Aberra Adie) The Nile Basin Development Challenge (NBDC) was one of six challenges comprising the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food…

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Originally posted on Traditional Animal Genetic Resources for Food Security Under Climate Change Influence:
The present era’s Pakistan is cradle of animal domestication. The well known civilizations of Gandhara, Mohan jododo, and Mehergarh are the inimitable examples. The ruins excavated…

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Friday Funnies: Lessons in Resistance & Resilience of Plants, Animals & People

Many plants are able to protect themselves from attack (being eaten) in different ways.  However, through domestication and/or use of pesticides and other protectors, plants may loose their natural defenses – their resistance and resilience – as these protective traits … Continue reading

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Livestock Restocking in Burundi: More Complicated than ‘The Gift of a Goat’

Livestock – particularly goats – play a key role in smallholders’ agricultural activities in Burundi.  They are a ‘savings-bank on the hoof’, thus can be sold in case of emergency for cash.  Their manure and urine provide excellent inputs for … Continue reading

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Animal Care and Health in the Tropics

Maxie is the newest addition to our animals – a really beautiful dog and, although only about 3 months old, is already a good watch dog.  However, yesterday he fell quite ill – there are so many illnesses here in the tropics … Continue reading

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Life and Livestock in the Arid Areas of Somiland, 1850’s (via Dianabuja’s Blog)

Another reposting of a blog about the Horn of Africa. The area has always been very marginal and it seems that today’s Experts who are working on the problems in the Horn would benefit by dipping into its history.  When Burton and … Continue reading

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