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Livingstone Discovers South Carolina Rice in Southern Africa, c.1860

[First posted Nov. 2010,  Revised 06 November 2011] The Portuguese had been trading in and marginally colonizing east-southern Africa since the 15th Century.  When, two centuries later, the English decided to explore the region, small settlements of Portuguese and their Catholic … Continue reading

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Discovering the Rusizi River, Did it Flow IN or OUT?! Part II

Continuing up Lake Tanganyika on the East side, Stanley and Livingstone continue with their adventures to discover whether the all-important Rusizi river flows IN or OUT of the lake – important for reasons detailed in the first blog of this … Continue reading

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Discovering the Rusizi River – Did It flow IN or OUT?!, Pt. I

East African explorations in the mid 19th Century were overwhelming directed to discovering the source of the Nile in central Africa.  Along side this goal, laying out ways and means whereby the English could establish a strong foothold in East and central Africa … Continue reading

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Colonial Missionaries and Commerçants of the Empire

There is a good deal of debate – as well as pure assumption – about the link between missionizing/missions and commerce, during 19th Century colonial ventures. Here is what the explorer Dr. Livingstone had to say about the relationship between … Continue reading

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Roast African Bullfrog, from D. Livingston’s ‘Missionary Travels & Researaches…’ 1857.

The missionary-explorer David Livingston was an exceptionally prolific writer, detailing during his travels in Africa – among myriad other things – all manner of animal and vegetable products either grown or collected, the characteristics of  these items, and how they were … Continue reading

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