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An Account of the Plague in Barbary, North Africa, 1799 – Part I

Plagues have been important – and often deadly – aspect of long distance trade and travel for millennia.   As we enter into the 21st century plague that is now gripping West Africa, what can be learned from reports of ‘the plague’ … Continue reading

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Cuisines and Crops of Africa, 18th Century: Food and Farming in Timbuktu

Tétuan, Moroccan port town opposite Gibraltar.  Steel Engraving.  Institute in Hidlburghausen. 1842 In about 1789, the merchant and voyager Abd Salam Shabeeny  set out from his home city, the Moroccan port town of Tetuan (above picture), for Germany in order to procure items for … Continue reading

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Wild Coffee and other Indigenous Species in Central Africa

A recent blog by the  Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog, on the failure of an eco-promotion project for indigenous coffee in Uganda, I don’t find surprising and agree with the ‘lessons learned’ scenario presented in the blog, and particularly that local markets … Continue reading

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Spicy, North African Pan-Fried Locusts, 1792

Here is another recipe for locusts, this one with a North African Flare.  It is preceded by brief remarks on the plague of locusts that occurred in Barbary  (N.W. Morocco) in 1792.   An Account of Timbuctoo and Housa Territories … Continue reading

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Mulukhiyyah in Housaland and Morocco and a North African Recipe

A re-posting – because this entry is getting daily hits of 10-20; perhaps for Paula’s recipe, below.  But no one has yet proffered a comment to the question in the blog.. The North African Merchant Shabeeni describes the following vegetable that existed … Continue reading

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