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Penmeru: Director of the Dining Pavilion – 1

A number of very interesting features are associated with the mastaba of Penmeru in the Western Cemetery at Giza.  This is just a preliminary blog; I will be following with entries about his mastaba. Below is one of the statue groups of … Continue reading

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More Pig and Pork Stories

[First posted July 2009,  Revised 09 December 2011] Pigs have had a contentious history.  To begin with, they usually reside near the bottom of the livestock prestige pyramid, with cattle, horse and camel occupying the higher niches, sheep, goats and poultry found … Continue reading

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Suckling Pigs and Divine Nobles in Ancient Egypt

[First posted August 2009,  Revised 08 December 2011] The topic of pigs in Ancient Egypt has had a history based, in early years, perhaps more on pigs in Egypt today rather than the raising of pigs based on textual and pictorial … Continue reading

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Letters to the Dead in Ancient Egypt

One of the more interesting genre of ancient Egyptian literature comprises the so-called ‘Letters to the Dead.’  These letters were not affairs of the heart, to commune socially with the deceased, but were pragmatically employed by the living to a dead … Continue reading

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