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Excursion to the Pyramids of Gizeh, August 25, 1842

The intrepid  global traveller Ida Pfeifer visited the Holy Lands and Egypt  in 1842.  While in Egypt she traveled to Giza and climbed the great pyramid.  Below is a description of her adventure, take from a longer blog on her … Continue reading

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Cuisines and Crops of Africa – The Lotus Eaters of Central Africa

Lotus plants of the species  Nymphaea lotus L. were an important ingredient in African traditional cuisine.   Found throughout tropical Africa and in the Nile Valley, their collection and processing for the table is reported by various colonial writers. The frustration, though, … Continue reading

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Colonial Musings on Mount Cameroon: Out with the Plantains! In with the Coffee & Sugar!

Colonial world views were, on the whole, extraordinary.  Explorers and missionaries marched out to record, save and reorder the world according to notions of Progress that placed Europeans at the apogee of Civilization (self-defined) – and ‘Everyone Else’ pretty far … Continue reading

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A Colonial Elephant Hunt in Central Africa – Sir Samuel Baker

[First posted August.. 2009,  Revised 08 November 2011] In 1862 Sir Samuel Baker and his Hungarian wife Lady Florence, set off to discover the source of the Nile. Theirs is one of the more bazaar and fascinating pages of colonial … Continue reading

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A Colonial Description of Making Green Plantain Cider

Samuel Baker loved to talk about local food processing techniques in his mid-19th Century African travel documentaries, which is fortunate for those of us trying to trace foods and their processing prior to modern times in Africa. Here is what … Continue reading

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Cuisines and Crops of Africa, 19th Century – Zambezi River Watershed in Southern Africa

Between 1858 and 1864 Dr. David Livingstone and his brother, together with several other persons, explored  the Zambezi River and its tributaries in south-central Africa. Although this was one of the most difficult of the colonial ventures into the interior … Continue reading

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